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Air Treatment Units
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Pneumatic Control Valve
Pneumatic Cylinder
Pneumatic Vibrator
Pneumatic Accessories
+ Pneumatic Fittings
+ Silencer / Muffler
+ PU / Nylon Tube
+ Air Gun & Tuber Cutter
Vacuum Series
Hydraulic Cylinder
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Pneumatic Fittings

Speed Controllers

Tube(Metric)-Thread(R) Tube(Inch)-Thread(R) Tube(Inch)-Thread(NPT)
NSE04-M5 NSE08-03 NSE1/4-M5 NSE1/2-02 NSE1/8-U01 NSE1/4-N02
NSE04-M6 NSE08-04 NSE1/4-01 NSE1/2-03 NSE1/8-N01 NSE1/4-N03
NSE04-01 NSE10-01 NSE1/4-02 NSE1/2-04 NSE1/8-N02 NSE5/16-N01
NSE04-02 NSE10-02 NSE5/16-01   NSE5/32-U10 NSE5/16-N02
NSE04-03 NSE10-03 NSE5/16-02   NSE5/32-N01 NSE5/16-N03
NSE06-M5 NSE10-04 NSE5/16-03   NSE5/32-N02 NSE3/8-N01
NSE06-M6 NSE12-02 NSE5/16-04   NSE3/16-U10 NSE3/8-N02
NSE06-01 NSE12-03 NSE3/8-01   NSE3/16-N01 NSE3/8-N03
NSE06-02 NSE12-04 NSE3/8-02   NSE3/16-N02 NSE3/8-N04
NSE06-03 NSE16-03 NSE3/8-03   NSE3/16-N03 NSE1/2-N02
NSE08-01 NSE16-04 NSE3/8-04   NSE1/4-U10 NSE1/2-N03
NSE08-02       NSE1/4-N01 NSE1/2-N04

Tube(Metric)-Thread(R) Tube(Inch)-Thread(R) Tube(Inch)-Thread(NPT)
NSEI-04-M5 NSEI-08-03 NSEI-1/4-01 NSEI-1/2-02 NSEI-1/8-U01 NSEI-1/4-N02
NSEI-04-M6 NSEI-08-04 NSEI-1/4-02 NSEI-1/2-03 NSEI-1/8-N01 NSEI-1/4-N03
NSEI-04-01 NSEI-10-01 NSEI-1/4-03 NSEI-1/2-04 NSEI-1/8-N02 NSEI-5/16-N01
NSEI-04-02 NSEI-10-02 NSEI-5/16-01   NSEI-5/32-U10 NSEI-5/16-N02
NSEI-06-M5 NSEI-10-03 NSEI-5/16-02   NSEI-5/32-N01 NSEI-5/16-N03
NSEI-06-M6 NSEI-10-04 NSEI-5/16-03   NSEI-5/32-N02 NSEI-3/8-N01
NSEI-06-01 NSEI-12-02 NSEI-5/16-04   NSEI-3/16-U10 NSEI-3/8-N02
NSEI-06-02 NSEI-12-03 NSEI-3/8-01   NSEI-3/16-N01 NSEI-3/8-N03
NSEI-06-03 NSEI-12-04 NSEI-3/8-02   NSEI-3/16-N02 NSEI-3/8-N04
NSEI-06-04   NSEI-3/8-03   NSEI-3/16-N03  
NSEI-08-01   NSEI-3/8-04   NSEI-1/4-U10  
NSEI-08-02       NSEI-1/4-N01  



NSE04-G01 NSE10-G01 NSEI-04-G01 NSEI-10-G01
NSE04-G02 NSE10-G02 NSEI-04-G02 NSEI-10-G02
NSE04-G03 NSE10-G03 NSEI-04-G03 NSEI-10-G03
NSE06-G01 NSE10-G04 NSEI-06-G01 NSEI-10-G04
NSE06-G02 NSE12-G02 NSEI-06-G02 NSEI-12-G02
NSE06-G03 NSE12-G03 NSEI-06-G03 NSEI-12-G03
NSE08-G01 NSE12-G04 NSEI-08-G01 NSEI-12-G04
NSE08-G02 NSE16-G03 NSEI-08-G02 NSEI-16-G03
NSE08-G03 NSE16-G04 NSEI-08-G03 NSEI-16-G04
NSE08-G04   NSEI-08-G04  

Tube(Metric)-Thread(R) Tube(Metric)-Thread(G) Tube(Inch)-Thread(NPT)
NSFSF04-01 NSFSF10-02 NSFSF04-G01 NSFSF10-G02 NSFSF1/8-N01 NSFSF3/8-N01
NSFSF06-01 NSFSF10-03 NSFSF06-G01 NSFSF10-G03 NSFSF5/32-N01 NSFSF3/8-N02
NSFSF06-02 NSFSF10-04 NSFSF06-G02 NSFSF10-G04 NSFSF3/16-N01 NSFSF3/8-N03
NSFSF08-01 NSFSF12-02 NSFSF08-G01 NSFSF12-G02 NSFSF1/4-N01 NSFSF3/8-N04
NSFSF08-02 NSFSF12-03 NSFSF08-G02 NSFSF12-G03 NSFSF1/4-N02 NSFSF1/2-N01
NSFSF08-03 NSFSF12-04 NSFSF08-G03 NSFSF12-G04 NSFSF5/16-N01 NSFSF1/2-N02
        NSFSF5/16-N02 NSFSF1/2-N03
        NSFSF5/16-N03 NSFSF1/2-N04

Tube(R)-Thread(R) Tube(G)-Thread(G) Tube(NPT)-Thread(NPT)
NSFSS-01-01 NSFSS-G01-G01 NSFSS-N01-N01
NSFSS-02-02 NSFSS-G02-G02 NSFSS-N02-N02
NSFSS-03-03 NSFSS-G03-G03 NSFSS-N03-N03
NSFSS-04-04 NSFSS-G04-G04 NSFSS-N04-N04

Tube(Metric) Tube(Inch)
NSF04 NSF1/8
NSF06 NSF5/32
NSF08 NSF3/16
NSF10 NSF1/4
NSF12 NSF5/16

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