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Turbo & Mecair diaphragm kits

M20 M25 type Diaphragm Repair Kits For Turbo Pulse Valve

Diaphragm Repair Kits M25 ,M20 for Turbo Integral And Remote Pilot Pulse Jet Valves

The diaphragm are repair kits for the Turbo pusle jet valves: FP20 ,FM20, FP25 , FM25 ,DP20, DM20, DP25, DM25, EP20, EM20, EP25, EM25, SQP20, SQM20, SQP25, SQM25, FDP20, FDM20, FDP25, FDM25,

We produced series TURBO type diaphragm repair kits, it is nice replacement for Turbo diaphragm.

Ordering code: M20, M25, M40, M50, M55, M75

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