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Pneumatic Cylinders

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Generally pneumatic cylinders are made of a steel piston, a piston rod, a cylinder barrel and end covers. As compressed air moves into a pneumatic cylinder, it pushes the piston along the length of the cylinder. Compressed air or a spring, located at the rod end of the cylinder, pushes the piston back. Valves regulate the flow of compressed air to the cylinders.
Pneumatic cylinders have features that make it unique to use. Some of its features that really benefit are the speed with which it reacts swiftly. Pneumatic cylinders simple mechanism makes its usage very easy.
Actually the performance of pneumatic cylinders can be broadly categorized into single acting and double acting. A single acting generally is able to perform an activity in one single direction. A single acting usually requires air pressure on one side of piston flange and a spring to return to the position.
On the other hand a Double Acting Cylinders use the force in dual ways. They allow air pressure one for in stroke and one for outstroke. Generally pneumatic cylinders come in varied sizes; it all depends on the usage and the requirement.
While there are other types of cylinders like rotary cylinders, , impact cylinders and multiple- position, or opposed-thrust, cylinders. While a rotary cylinder fluid force is applied to generate circular motion.
While on the other hand impact cylinder is used for shearing or blanking tasks. So this way, every pneumatic cylinder is unique in its own way catering to various industrial needs and requirements.


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